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About Us: Graduate Career With PermaNature
Welcome from the PermaNature Team

Science & Technology Laboratory (SciTechLab) is a branch of PermaNature, LLC dedicated to research and graduate career development in natural sciences, mathematics, engineering and IT. Our team provides a wide range of services for scientists and graduate (master's and doctoral degree) students, including: 

(1) selection of career-focused graduate programs in science, engineering and IT, and experienced master's and PhD thesis advisors,
(2) help obtaining graduate research assistantships, graduate scholarships and grants,
(3) help conducting master's and PhD studies, and any scientific research projects in the fields of our expertise, 

(4) review and analyze research data and literature,
(5) help 
writing and publishing master's and PhD theses, research reports, papers, books, lectures, presentations, and
(6) any other scientific research-related work that is necessary to help successful postgraduate and graduate career development in natural sciences, mathematics, engineering and IT.

Our teams also helps identify valuable research ideas for master's and PhD studies, finding sponsors for graduate scholarships and grants, research proposals, and provides outstanding environment for exchange of ideas and knowledge between students of graduate programs in science, engineering and IT, postgraduate scientists, and accomplished research leaders and educators.  

We conduct theoretical and computational studies (including those necessary to develop experiments and analyze experimental results), present research results at professional forums and in professional journals, and perform all research- and graduate education- related work, including tutoring, lecturing, the development of master's and PhD study programs and graduate courses of study, and help preparing term papers, master's and PhD theses. A significant component of our activities is frontier research leading to novel technological developments, devices and products: we provide professional environment to implement frontier research ideas and to get tengible results. 

PermaNature/SciTechLab is open for national and international collaboration in mathematics, science, engineering and IT fields. We invite mutually beneficial and widely defined scientific research, engineering, technological and manufacturing project development and implementation. We welcome our members, collaborators and partners from all walks of life, from individual scientists (including graduate degree students and postgraduate researchers) to research groups, institutions, organizations and agencies. Our membership is strictly confidential, as are our customers’ information, ideas, proposals and other interests: we do not report to any private, public or Government entity or media. We offer unique custom support to all of our members’, customers and collaborators' research career aspirations, including graduate career advice, planning and support throughout all postgraduate career development stages. 

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Become a member and/or collaborate with us on our frontier research projects and beyond. You will find a friendly international community of scientists and educators that understand your problems, support your ideas, and respect and appreciate your experiences. You are no longer alone: we are here to share with you your interests, aspirations and challenges. We look forward to greeting you as our new member, partner and customer.  

                                                   Yours truly,    

                                             PernaNature/SciTechLab Team