Research Development and Projects

Research Development and Projects 

PermaNature/SciTechLab team works in many fields of science, engineering and IT, and currently developments several interdisciplinary research proposals and projects (click on the links below to see the corresponding summaries). Our strength is based on outstanding experience of our international team built during decades of frontier scientific research.

Interested colleagues, graduate and undergraduate students seeking ideas, guidance and supervision for their PhD studies, businesses, non-profit and Government organizations, sponsors and other customers and partners interested in research studies completed for them and/or eager to support graduate career and PhD studies, graduate scholarships and grants, are welcome to join us and contribute to our researchContact us any time for further details.

Below is a list of projects we currently develop, but we are open to innovative ideas in many other research fields.

1.      Nanoheterostructures with Pre-Designed Magneto-Electronic Properties
         for Quantum Information Processing.

2.      Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructures with 
         Pre-Designed Spin and Charge Transport 
Properties for Quantum

3.      Fabrication and Non-Destructive Characterization of Novel
         Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Sensor
and Source Applications.

4.      Spin/Charge Transport and Electronic Properties of Small “Magnetic”
         Quantum Dots.

5.      Neuron-to-Neural Network/Brain and Neuron-to-Nanodevice Signal 
Exchange Protocols.
6.      Magnetic Nanoparticle Systems for Hyperthermal Prevention of
         Cancerous Formations and Infectious Diseases in Bone Tissue
         Grown on Multiscale, Bioactive Polymeric and Ceramic Materials

Completed Research Projects 

In recent years, members of our team successfully completed 14 research projects and developed over 30 grant proposals. Click on the links below to view abstracts of several such proposals and projects. Many of these projects contributed to graduate career development, PhD studies and PhD theses of graduate students collaborated with us. Our team is interested in   collaboration both with seasoned scientists and students who seek such collaboration to gain valuable research experience and build their graduate career. PermaNature/SciTechLab team puts a strong effort in helping such students to obtain graduate research assistantship, graduate scholarships and grants.

                                       Contact us for further details.

1.   Virtual Synthesis of 3D Nanomaterials With Pre-Designed Electronic 

2.   Virtual Synthesis of 3D Nanoheterostructure Units With Pre-Designed Opto-
       Electronic Properties.
3.    NANOMAN2- Altix 3700Bx2 Integrated Nanomaterials Characterization and
       Nanomanipulation System.
4.    Concept of Virtual Fabrication of Nanodimensional Semiconductor 

5.    Experimental Fabrication and Non-Destructive Characterization of Novel
       Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Sensor and Source Applications.
6.    Development of Virtual Templates for Small Semiconductor Atomic
 with Pre-Designed Opto-Electronic Properties.
7.    Chemistry at the Nanometer Scale: Synthesis and Catalytic
8.    Intelligent Nano-Engineering of Fluid-Solid Interface. 
9.    Computational and Experimental Fabrication of 3D Nanoheterostructures of
       Pre-Designed Electronic Properties.
10.  Microwave Inhibition of Gas Clathrate Hydrate Formation.
11.  Surfactant-Enabled Nanoscale Modification of Microfiltration Membrane 
        Materials for Wastewater Purification: Dramatic Increase in Selectivity 
        and Productivity.

12.  Distribution Kinetics - a New Approach to Cluster Dynamics and 

13.  University Undergraduate Research Center.
14.  Virtual Fabrication of 3D Nanoheterostructure Units with Designed
        Electronic Properties: Development of Theoretical, Modeling and