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Members of PermaNature/SciTechLab team will make every effort to meet the highest professional standards in completion of your graduate career order. With our help, you will enroll in the most advanced graduate programs in research fields of your interest, obtain graduate research assistantship, research scholarships and grants, complete your PhD studies, write your PhD thesis or publish your research papers, and do everything else necessary to succeed in your graduate career.

Our outstanding international team of scientists and educators help any graduate career research-relevant work necessary for your vigorous professional and intellectual growth, from graduate career planning and graduate program enrolment to writing and submitting proposals for graduate research assistantship, scholarships and grants, research and educational grant proposals, PhD studies and PhD thesis writing, writing and publishing any research manuscripts, and to planning and execution of scientific, engineering and technological research projects.

Please, proceed with your graduate career order or contact us, if your have any question.

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