Writing Research Manuscripts
Writing Research Manuscripts

Writing Research Manuscripts    
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A typical research paper, research grant proposal, research report, book, master’s or PhD thesis, or any other research manuscript, consists of a number of sections or chapters that introduce the research work (Introduction) and detail research methods and results, and a discussion section at the end of the manuscript. All of the sections are designed to:

clearly describe the problem(s) addressed, the research methods developed/used and the results obtained in the research work, 
(ii) discuss and compare those research methods and results with other available research methods and data, and
(iii) describe the authors' contributions to the problem solving and ideas for future research.

In the majority of cases a format of a research manuscript is dictated by publication formats required by a particular publishing agency (journal, magazine, book publishers, Government agency, university, etc.) chosen to publish the manuscript. Therefore, before any writing authors have to:

1)        chose an appropriate publishing mode (a research proposal, research report for a particular company, sponsor or Government agency, a research paper in a professional journal or magazine, a book, master's or PhD thesis, etc.), Publisher, and

2)          make themselves familiar with all details of the format(s) and content requirements applied to a particular publication mode by editors of the selected Publisher. This will help avoid many minor, but time consuming mistakes concerning a choice of style, font, notations, etc. In the case of any questions, the authors are advised to decide on a desirable mode of their publication and contact the editors directly, to make sure they understand and are in a position to comply with all of the editorial requirements. 

To reduce writing time, it is helpful to develop the table of contents first, including tentative headings of sections (chapters), subsections (subchapters), etc., and then write a short draft of the manuscript. Sections (chapters) of a research proposal, research report, research paper, book, master's or PhD thesis, etc. have to deal with one or two larger aspects of the research at a time. They have to be well organized and divided into smaller parts (subsections, subchapters, etc.) to help editors, referees and readers concentrate on particular issues or discussions within a part of the manuscript. 

Logical organization of a research manuscript helps editors, referees and readers better understand and appreciate authors’ objectives, methods, findings and contributions to their fields of research. 
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How to write a research proposal, grant proposal, research paper, term paper, master's or PhD thesis, research report, or any other research manuscript?
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