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Fill in the form below to become a member of SciTechLab’s virtual university and enjoy numerous benefits and opportunities offered by SciTechLab community and environment. Small membership dues of only $15 a month help support SciTechLab’s website and make possible Forums and Tutorials to help you successfully complete your graduate program, master’s and/or PhD studies, thesis writing and defense, and research publications. The use of Tutorials, opening and administration of new Forums are offered only to SciTechLab’s virtual university members and are free for them.  

SciTechLab’s team believes that SciTechLab membership will significantly help graduate career development, including enrolling into graduate programs in sciences, engineering and technology, obtaining graduate scholarships and grants, securing graduate research assistantship, successful completion of master’s and/or PhD studies, writing master’s and/or PhD theses, carrying on theoretical, computational or experimental scientific research, writing papers and reports, preparation of presentations and promotion materials, graduate career development documents, and so much more.

SciTechLab Membership Benefits

Our graduate career-enhancing Quantum Theory Forum is about to open for SciTechLab's virtual university members. One of the goals of this forum is to promote understanding of quantum theory in general (including topics concerning graduate-level courses and practical tasks) and quantum information processing paradigm, in particular. Depending on interests of our members and our ongoing research, we plan to open several other science forums, in particular those in the fields of mathematical foundations of modern physics, quantum chemistry, nanoscience and nanotechnology, with a goal to help graduate program studies, research project development, and master's and PhD studies addressing those fields. We invite our virtual university members to suggest topics of interests for new forums, help administration of the forums, and post information, concepts, papers, research ideas, data and results for discussion. 

In the near future SciTechLab also plans to introduce several general and specialized tutorials, such as the graduate tutorials "Calculus+", "Quantum Mechanics" or "Generalized Functions", that will collect hundreds of the corresponding advanced problems with solutions. SciTechLab members are welcome to contribute their problems (with or without solutions) to the tutorials. SciTechLab team will solve all such problems and post the solutions on the tutorial pages. The use of all tutorials is free of charge for SciTechLab members.

SciTechLab carries on its own research and collaborates with seasoned scientists, engineers, graduate and undergraduate students working in frontier fields of science, engineering and technology. SciTechLab's virtual university members are given preference for participation in our research projects (including the corresponding remuneration for their contribution) and  running SciTechLab's forums and tutorials. SciTechLab team also helps our virtual university members receive help with establishing professional connections and the development of professional collaboration. Contact us or complete the form below, click the "Membership Dues" service category, and become a member of SciTechLab's virtual university today.

Members of SciTechLab's virtual university enjoy free shipping and handling of all orders above $1,000 in value, and 5% discount on all orders above $2,000.

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