Writing Rules
30 Simple Writing Rules

30 Simple Writing Rules

should be applied to develop a  professional description of your research work (scientific research reports, term papers, master's or PhD thesis, research or PhD studies proposals, scholarships and grants proposals, research papers, books, or any other research manuscripts). Contact us today! Free initial consultation

1.       Verbs have to agree with their subjects.
2.       Prepositions should not be used to end sentences.
3.       Do not start a sentence with a conjunction.
4.       Do not split an infinitive.
5.       Be specific.
6.       Do not use clichés.
7.       Do not use repetitive redundancies.
8.       Do not fragment sentences.
9.       Do not use contractions.
10.    Do not use more words than necessary.
11.    Generalize with caution.
12.    Compare only comparable entities.
13.    liminate one-word sentences.
14.    Use the passive voice with caution.
15.    Eliminate unnecessary commas.
16.    Do not use a big word when a diminutive one would suffice.
17.    Use words correctly, regardless of how they may be used by others.
18.    Understate rather than exaggerate.
19.    Proofread carefully.
20.    Double check and proofread again!


1.   alliterations
unnecessary remarks
3.   foreign words and phrases
4.   ampersands and abbreviations
5.   repetitions
6.   quotations
7.   hyperbole
8.   colloquialisms
9.   mixed metaphor
rhetorical questions and rhetoric

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