Shipping Information and Policies

Shipping Information and Policies

1.   All graduate career documents that allow electronic formats are sent electronically to e-mail addresses provided by customers with each order, unless a customer requests a physical shipment. This includes all kinds of graduate research assistantship and graduate scholarship and grants applications, documentation and forms; master's and PhD thesis proposals, manuscripts and documents; research grant proposals, applications and documentation; literature searches and reviews, papers, and all other manuscripts; research data lists and tables, etc.

2.   Graduate career documents and other materials that can not be sent electronically (or are requested to be sent by mail) are shipped and handled using USPS insured Express Mail or Priority Mail services. In Your order, after you receive our advice on pricing, please include one of the mentioned shipment methods and the price we advised.

3.   The shipment fares are added to the order costs after initial processing of the order information. A customer is notified by e-mail about the total cost of his/her order, and has to pay the entire order cost before the order is accepted and confirmed.

4.   SciTechLab members do not pay for shipping of graduate career documentation or any other orders above $1,000 in total value.

5.   In addition, SciTechLab's members are granted a discount of 5% on all orders above $2,000.

6.   For all questions about shipping and handling of your orders please, contact us.