Links: PhD Thesis and Graduate Career

PhD Studies, PhD Thesis, and Graduate Career Links

Internet offers a wide selection of resources very useful for master's and PhD studies, PhD thesis writing and further graduate career development. In addition to our help, we welcome your pro-active approach to identifying most graduate programs in sciences, engineering and IT most suitable for you, your PhD studies and PhD thesis writing, and your graduate career progress.

At any point in your graduate career we will provide advice regarding information you may find on internet and beyond that concerns enrolment in graduate programs; writing and submission PhD study proposals; writing PhD theses, proposals for graduate research assistantship, graduate scholarship and grants, and  and other types of graduate career research, as well as preparation of presentations, research papers, reports, books, etc. Links to the major graduate career research databases are listed on Databases A and related pages. Other resources can be found using Google’s Scholar and similar web resources through the links below. Contact us if you need any advice or help in conjunction with finding necessary graduate scholarship resources on the web and beyond. 

SciTechLab welcomes your opinion on the most valuable internet sources that you have used to advance your graduate scholarship. We will publish such links on these pages for the benefit of our members and other graduate career customers.

Top left image: courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory.