Graduate Career, PhD Thesis and Research

Frontier Scientific Research

in physics, mathematics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, cross-disciplinary fields (including nanoscience, nanoengineering and nanotechnology), and graduate career in science, engineering and technology, require expert advice and collaboration.

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writing and submission
of graduate research assistantship, graduate scholarship and grant proposals; research grant proposals; PhD study proposals; fellowship proposals and other research proposals

  • Identification of promising ideas/topics for graduate career research and PhD studies attractive for funding agencies or sponsors
  • Development of pilot graduate career and other research projects to increase chances of further funding, including funding of PhD studies
  • Identification of interested agencies/sponsors for graduate career proposal submission
  • Review and analysis of relevant literature for PhD studies and other graduate career research proposals
  • Writing agency/sponsor-specific abstracts and whitepapers of graduate career research proposals
  • Contacting research funding agencies and sponsors to provide for funding of graduate career research
  • Optimization of whitepapers of graduate career proposals to match sponsors' criteria and expectations
  • Complete description of graduate career and other research proposals
  • Editing and proofreading of existing graduate career and other research proposal descriptions
  • Proposal-related paperwork for graduate career and other research proposal submission
  • Graduate career and other research proposal submission to funding agencies/sponsors
  • Presentation and dissemination of graduate career research results

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Proposal development: research and results dissemination

  • Development of and/or participation in all stages of graduate career and other research
  • Graduate career/PhD study research proposal strategy
  • Experimental setup development and laboratory research support
  • Assistance with equipment, laboratory space and personnel
  • Data analysis and database development
  • Theoretical and computational research support
  • Optimization of scientific research strategies, methods and results
  • Writing and publishing research papers, PhD and master's theses, presentations and books
  • Preparation and presentation of graduate career research project reports
  • Dissemination of research results
  • Development of supplemental research proposals
  • Collaboration at every stage of the proposal development

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Research projects for graduate degrees: masters  theses, PhD dissertations, and other academic activities

SciTechLab delivers a full spectrum of services and collaboration on graduate scholarship and grants,  Master’s and PhD study proposal development and writing, and other graduate career research projects and academic activities, as described above. 

All types of theoretical and computational research, & theoretical foundations and analysis of experimental research results

SciTechLab provides assistance and collaboration during all phases of graduate career and other scientific research within the fields of science, engineering and technology of its expertise. We identify sources of required information, personnel, computational facilities, help writing and development of graduate career, PhD study and any other research proposals, including those to obtain access to supercomputer facilities, participate in research, and help with data/result analysis, evaluation, presentation, and publication of research results in professional media.

All types of research writing and literature reviews

SciTechLab uses advanced methods and software to evaluate, analyze, write, edit and promote your research strategies, methodologies, data, results and insights in professional media and on the internet, including scientific research journals, books, texts, presentations, reports, master's and PhD theses, flyers, websites, e-books, CDs, etc.

Problem lists with solutions, questionnaires, tests and exams development

SciTechLab (PermaNature) develops all types of teaching and education materials in the fields of our expertise, including courses of study, texts, problem lists, questionnaires, surveys, labs, setup descriptions, instructions, etc.

Career development in science, engineering, technology and education

SciTechLab provides all types of services to help building your career in engineering, technology, science and education, including the development of graduate career documentation (such as Curriculum Vitae, Resume and other job application documents), career planning, job interview preparation, career-related presentations, etc.    

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