Fast Track - I

Fast Track - I

Fast Track - I
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Service Package 

“Fast Track – I” is the most complete service package offered by PermaNature/SciTechLab to help placement of students into desirable graduate programs in science, engineering and IT at U.S. universities/colleges with guaranteed graduate scholarships and grants, or graduate research assistantships that pay the students' tuition and leaving expenses. To be granted services included in this package, a future graduate student must have at least a bachelor degree in a field compatible with a graduate program he/she aims to apply to. The “Fast Track-I” package includes services described below.
1.   Preparation of all application documents, including a Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV), list of publications (if any), cover letters, e-mail messages, drafts of recommendation letters, “motivation” documents, and so on. A customer submits (in English) all relevant educational and career-related information (if any) necessary to prepare the documents.  
2. Help with completion of TOEFL and SAT (if SAT is necessary) test registration forms in English. [PermaNature/SciTechLab team cannot take those tests instead of a customer, because it is illegal.]
3. Help with any emerging problems concerning application submission and admission process. [For example, if a customer has a problem with obtaining recommendation letters (usually up to 3 such letters are required), SciTechLab team provides an advice and helps acquiring the letters.] We will “walk” you into a graduate program of your dream.
4. To be admitted to a graduate program at a U.S. university or college, an applicant is often required by the university/college’s Admission Department to submit a statement from the applicant’s financial institution (bank) certifying that the student has funds (about $50,000, on average) necessary to support his/her education and living in the U.S. during one year.
SciTechLab’s customers requesting Fast Track-I package will not need to actually shoulder the above expenses. However, the bank statement still is formally required by many U.S. universities/colleges, regardless the fact that a graduate scholarship or a RA/TA position is offered to the future student. In many cases, such a letter is also useful for purposes of obtaining a U.S. entry visa. SciTechLab may advise our customers on how to overcome bank bureaucracy and acquire the required bank statement.
5. Identification of up to 3 (three) suitable graduate programs (master’s or PhD ones) for further application submission. [“Suitable” means that the existing level of your preparation and experience, GPA and TOEFL/SAT test points correspond to or exceed those required to be admitted to the pre-selected graduate programs.] SciTechLab team will do its best to identify the most prestigious graduate programs among suitable ones to your outmost satisfaction.
6. Identification of a supervisor of your Master’s or PhD studies among faculty members or professors of the education department offering a graduate program of your choice (see item 5 above) and obtaining his/her official agreement to deliver such supervision.
7. Walking you through all stages of your document submission, to the point when you receive a letter of acceptance to a graduate program of your choice (see items 5 and 6), including a statement that you are offered a stipend or a RA/TA position.
8. If you decide to terminate your service contract with PermaNature/SciTechLab at any point of its development, PermaNature/ScitechLab guarantee reimbursement to you of all unused funds you paid, despite the fact that the contract is being terminated due to your wish, and not due to any fault of PermaNature/SciTechLab. Fees for the services you already received prior to your request for your contract termination will not be reimbursed.
9. In the case, when all services you requested have been provided by PermaNature/SciTechLab to you, to the point when you received a letter of acceptance to the graduate program of your choice (see items 5 and 6), including a statement that you are offered a stipend or a RA/TA position, but you decided not to join the program for any reason or did not receive your U.S. visa, your payment for PermaNature/SciTechLab services  will not be reimbursed to you.
10. PermaNature/SciTechLab provides only pre-paid services. In the case when a service fee payment is not received the service is not provided.
11. PermaNature/SciTechLab retains its right to terminate any service contract with a customer who intentionally mislead and/or misinformed PermaNature/SciTechLab on account of the customer’s education, related experience, skills, or payment of our service fees. In such cases we only reimburse customers for the unused portion of the service fees.

12. PermaNature/SciTechLab guarantee total confidentiality of customers’ information and service contracts: we do not share customers’ information with anyone. Only in a very unlikely event of a successful hackers’ attack at servers of our webhost StoresOnLine some of your information might be compromised. However, such an even has not happened yet for over 15 years of StoresOnLine’s business existence. Moreover, our customers' financial information related to their orders is kept on PayPal servers and is not available to StoresOnLine's servers.

Before acceptance of your order payment, PermaNature/ScitechLab team performs free analysis of your education and experience information obtained from you during our first no-charge consultation (e-mail exchange with you). Your educational credentials must meet requirements of U.S. graduate programs you are interested in. Due to diversity of U.S. graduate programs, we will identify a list of up to 3 suitable graduate programs for any positive educational/experience background, so be optimistic about your chances.
It is illegal in the U.S. to assume an applicant’s identity and apply for a graduate program instead of the actual applicant seeking the education without a written permission of the applicant. This is why your fees for PermaNature/SciTechLab's services do not include graduate program application fees (about $50, on average), TOEFL/SAT test fees and U.S. visa-related fees. PermaNature/SciTechLab also do not provide authentication of your original documents, their evaluation, and notary services. Thus,
PermaNature/SciTechLab's service fees do not include fees for such services.
You are encouraged to inform PermaNature/SciTechLab on your trips to some countries that do not maintain good diplomatic relations with the U.S. This information is necessary to evaluate your chances of getting your U.S. entry visa. If in our opinion you may have problems with obtaining your U.S. entry visa, PermaNature/SciTechLab may decline your request for our services.
E-mail us before placing your order and briefly describe your education background, experience and aspirations: this INITIAL CONSULTATION IS NECESSARY AND FREE.

The service “Fast Track-I” contract ends at the stage when you receive an official letter of acceptance to a graduate program of your choice (see items 5 and 6) from a university or department that offers the graduate program, including a statement that you are offered a graduate scholarship or a RA/TA position.

authentication of your documents, notary services, translation of your transcripts into English, calculation of a US equivalent of your GPA, obtaining a U.S. visa, travel tickets and insurance, medical insurance, accommodation, apartment leasing, meeting you in the U.S. and escorting to your destination, and similar services.
PermaNature/SciTechLab team is always happy to provide advice to help our customers.


E-mail us BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER. In reply, we will e-mail you results of our analysis of your information. With the probability of 97% we would be able to offer you requested service(s): this will be also confirmed in our e-mail message.
When you receive our e-mail stating that we are able to provide services you requested, go to website, click "Scholarship in USA" in the top menu, select “Fast Track-I” and click “More info” (You will be taken to the page you are reading now). Then click “Add to Cart” in the form beneath this text and proceed to checkout.  

We use PayPal to receive and process your payment. If, for any reason, you are unable to use PayPal, e-mail us, and we will send you a message with a detailed instruction on how to transfer your payment electronically to PermaNature's bank account using electronic funds transfer of a cashier check. Electronic fund transfer and cashier check fees are not included in our service package fees.